Unlock Audio Intelligence at Scale

Unlock Audio Intelligence at Scale

With Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud, you can accelerate discovery,
engagement, and revenue opportunities for your audio content.

Brand Safety & Suitability

Ensure your audio content is safe and suitable for any potential advertiser, increasing the quality and quantity of your ad inventory.

Dynamic Entity Analysis

Identify people, places, brands, and products within your audio content, creating new engagement opportunities for audiences and advertisers.

Dynamic Topic Analysis

Detect and classify discussion topics in real-time for any piece of audio content, enabling new opportunities for search, enhancing audience engagement, and expanding total audio ad supply.

Expand the quality and quantity
of your ad supply

Automated Content Segmentation

Create automatic chapters for long-form content and generate key highlight clips to drive audience engagement through social sharing.

Automatic Summarization

Generate episode descriptions and titles without the hassle, saving time for your production team and increasing audience engagement.


Transform audio content to text with our proprietary transcription technology, powering the foundation of your content’s enhanced value.

Reimagine audio discovery
and engagement experiences

With our Audio Data Cloud, you can develop a modern strategy for your audio content—one designed to be more engaging for your audiences and more profitable for your vast content catalog. Every enterprise has its own secure and private cloud environment for increased speed, scale, and customization.