Accelerate discovery, engagement, and monetization for your podcast.

With Sounder, creators of all sizes can tap into the power of Audio Intelligence to fuel podcast growth—expanding their audience and driving revenues for their content.

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Focus your time creating quality content, and let Sounder do the rest. With Sounder it's painless to import, host, manage, and distribute your content.

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Drive listeners to your podcast with our discovery tools, featuring audio SEO, in-stream audio search, episode soundbites, transcription, podcast and episode pages.

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Use demographic, growth and search data to better understand your listeners so you can measure your success and create more of what they want to hear.

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Make money by including audio ads in your podcast. With Sounder, you can partner with nationally recognized brands and incorporate them into your content.

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Sounder Plus.

Your Podcast, Everywhere

Automated Distribution

Sounder Plus enables creators to automatically distribute their content to major podcast listening platforms, saving time (and headaches!).

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Share content in more formats

Audio Visualization, Reimagined

Sounder Plus provides creators with simple tools to create and share video content on social media platforms, powering audience growth. A podcast is much more than just an audio file. Creators can leverage their content in engaging formats to appeal to listeners where they spend the most time.

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Use data for audience expansion

Insights-Driven Growth Optimization

Insights-Driven Growth Optimization — Sounder Plus informs creators how to optimize their audio growth strategy through auto-generated recommendations. These insights, powered by Sounder’s upgraded transcription technology, help creators create social media content, refine episode descriptions, and select RSS feed keywords.

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Podcast together

Seamless Collaboration

Sounder Plus allows podcasters to manage their content together in one secure workspace with a team up to five. No more sharing passwords.

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Stand out

Authentic Branding

Sounder Plus allows creators to stand out from the crowd by developing their podcast’s brand through vanity URLs and customizable Sounder Player themes and customized podcast web pages.

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Automated Distribution
Audio Visualization Reimagined
Insights Driven Growth Optimization
Seamless Collaboration
Authentic Branding
Automated Distribution

Your Podcast, Everywhere

Automated Distribution

Sounder Plus enables creators to automatically distribute their content to major podcast listening platforms, saving time (and headaches!).

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Creator-obsessed, community-focused

We're building a community of voices and listeners who laugh, learn, discover, and drive change together. With Sounder, you're part of something bigger.


I am excited to join the Sounder family. As a content creator I am impressed and excited about Sounders’ innovative, problem solving technologies which, I believe, are the future of podcasting. I am thrilled to partner with an industry-leading, progressive company that is focused on helping creators. Sounder shares in my enthusiasm and has provided me with renewed inspiration to create the best podcast possible.

Gus Frerotte

Gus Frerotte

Former NFL Quarterback, Founder and Host of Huddle Up With Gus

Gus Frerotte
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Why Sounder?

We built Sounder with and for creators. Here's what you can expect from a discovery-obsessed podcast platform.

Hosting, for free

Everyone should be able to share their voice. That's why we are offering free hosting, transcription, and webpages to every creator who wants one.

Get discovered.

With millions of podcast episodes available worldwide, it's increasingly difficult for listeners to find your voice. Sounder lets you distribute your podcast to all popular listening apps and provides tools to help listeners find your content.

Be heard

Let your podcast shine. With Sounder, you can highlight and share your best content (whether its an entire episode or just the soundbites) to engage your audience and find new listeners.

Improve intelligently

Sounder provides analytics and measurement tools in an easy-to-use dashboard. Refine your podcast by understanding your audience's demographics, listening habits and interests.

Sounder Suite

Explore the entire Discovery Suite:

One platform to create, host, and distribute your podcast to listeners anywhere, on any device.

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