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With Sounder, you have access to discovery tools focused on helping you increase your audience size.

A Premium Audio Player Built for Every Creator

The Sounder Player is a feature-rich audio player that works across all devices and webpages

Audio search, reimagined

With In-Stream Audio Search, listeners can pinpoint content in an episode or across your entire library based on keywords or topics they're interested in. Looking for a specific moment? Tired of scrubbing through episodes? Our in-stream audio search functionality quickly finds all the segments where your keywords are mentioned.

Share your podcasts with your audience. And theirs.

You have between five and 15 minutes to hook a new listener. Create, share, and play the best moments of an episode to your community, helping you grow your audience, with episode soundbites.

A Premium Audio Player Built for Every Creator
Audio search, reimagined
Share your podcasts with your audience. And theirs.
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The Power of Transcription

7 Easy Ways to Grow your Podcast with Transcription

What is Audio SEO?

By transcribing all of your content, we're helping you optimize your podcast for search engine discovery. Increase your rankings among search engines and podcast listening platforms organically.

Podcast webpages that make you look like an expert

Don’t have a website? We have one for you. Our Show Pages are completely free to use and work great on mobile too. Anything you need to share your podcasts.

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